“We thought he went missing for 30 years.  Now we only have a 4 year gap!  I can't believe how you put all the pieces together.  This man is quite an enigma.”
(Soldier's Timeline)
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“I could never have pulled all of this information together by myself.  More, more more!”
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Recent Projects
  • Deed and Land records   The chain of title for a piece of family business property may be the key to uncovering the mysteries behind a local businessman.  The title and deed searches we completed enabled a book author to finish her remaining chapters.

  • Vital Records  Two census records and a miltary draft card were the only online records of a grandfather's early life.  We located his marriage and death certificates in a local courthouse. We identified the names of his parents and uncovered the name of a sibling!  No more brick wall!

  • Missing ancestor  This great-grandmother moved away, leaving two minor children behind.  We located three marriage records, two divorce records, and her immigration to another country.

  • Family Tree  We created a family tree and grew the branches both outward and upward by several generations.  The research effort identified over 75 original records.  We used Ancestry.com files to work closely together with this family researcher.

  • Ohio based research  This effort completed the Ohio research a for an early 20th century Cincinnati immigrant.  Records searched included estate documents, land records, obituaries, and census records.  This effort definitively excluded other local families as the family of origin and provided confidence that an overseas inquiry is the next best step.

  • Soldier's Timeline  A timeline with supporting records for a late 19th century Ohio soldier showed he kept in touch with his family even after he changed his name.
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