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Professional Genealogy Services
Family history and genealogy research:
We provide genealogy assistance to researchers of all experience levels on US-based projects.  Along with the capability for experienced online searching, we also provide significant local search expertise in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Past projects have included estate research, family genealogy research, records searches, and lookups.
Forensic genealogy:  heirs and beneficiaries and missing owners
Services for attorneys, executors, and trust/insurance adminstrators include research and identification and location of living relatives (national and international).  We also identify and locate absentee property owners or their heirs/beneficiaries.  We have a very high success rate in "no known next of kin" cases and understand the documentation required to show due diligence.
Medical, transplant, and health-specific research:
Nearly everyone has more relatives than they know personally.  The key to finding a matching donor for an organ or bone marrow transplant is sometimes right in the family.  Extended family members are often very willing to be tested for a donor match.  We identify and locate living relatives for organ and bone marrow donor registration and understand that time is critical.
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Family Research
We research and retrieve documents in a location of your choice (probate and civil courts, recorder, auditor, public library, historical societies, etc.)

•Wills, estates, and guardianships
•Deeds, mortgages, and land transfers
•Obituaries and newspaper articles

Ohio  ~  SE Indiana ~  NKy

Historical Documents
Research original documents

Request local genealogy research or documents (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky). Certified birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, and deed/land records.  Flat or hourly rates available.

Missing Heir Services
Experienced research assistance is available administrators of estates, trusts, insurance policies, and other assets. Services include research and documentation of family relationships, location of missing beneficiaries, and legal/regulatory documentation. 
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Are you a Missing Heir?
Have you been contacted by a missing heir firm?  Sound too good to be true?  Maybe not! 
Every day, we work with adminstrators in which the beneficiaries of an asset are unknown or cannot be located!  Unknown heirs of insurance policies, real estate interests, and other situations involving substantial sums of money are very common.
Protect your privacy by following these steps:
• Ensure the business is incorporated and licensed
• Pay fees ONLY when you receive your payment
• Ensure the firm covers all legal and incidental expenses and will fully represent your interests