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Ohio Historical Records.
Many Ohio genealogy records are located in historical societies, courthouses, and archives. Ancestry.com and other sites currently provide a limited number of records in comparison to the number actually available in an on-site visit.  Our services include searching local historical records.
Ohio Marriage, Estate, and Guardianship Records
Birth, marriage, estate and guardianship records in Ohio are adminstered in the county probate courts.  Each of the 88 counties maintains a separate probate court and records.  Estate records are useful genealogical references because they may include wills, land transfers to family members, next-of-kin listings, and pointers to other records. 
Links to some probate courts in southwest and central Ohio:
Hamilton County Ohio Probate Court historical records may be found at the Probate court or the UC Blevins library
Butler county, Clermont county, Warren County records may be found at the court or Records Centers
Montgomery county records are found at the probate court or county archives
Cuyahoga county historical records have been transferred to the county archives
Franklin county records are maintained at the Ohio Historical Society
Ohio Birth and Death Records
Genealogy research of birth and death records in Ohio can be difficult to navigate.  One index is maintained by the Ohio Historical Society and those records may be ordered for a fee.  Additional records are maintained at the Office of Vital Statistics..  Genealogical research may be conducted by appointment and one non-certified record may be requested for review at a time.  Some county probate courts also additional older birth record books covering the approximate dates of 1880 - 1908.
State-wide birth records are now accessible from any vital records office.  Death certificates must be obtained from the original jurisdiction.  In Hamilton county, historical records are decentralized and may be found on the city or county level.
Ohio Land, Mortgage/Liens and Military Service Records
Deed records, mortgage/lien records, tax records, and a limited number of military discharge records are maintained by the county courthouses.  Recent records are best accessed online searching for "County, Ohio, recorder and auditor".  Earlier records are best obtained by calling the county office or visiting in person.
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