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Why use a family history researcher?
Online Genealogy...
Online genealogy databases are valuable resources, with each providing a different mix of records and search methods. However, the subscription costs can really add up, and it may take an expert to find the useful information.
Professional researchers provide better access and deeper results because of their varied and extensive experience. 
Family History Searching...
The first few genealogy records are usually easy to retrieve.  The next steps are critical to unearth new information, help sort out duplicate names, or to break through a road block.  A family history expert will help you look in new places and will view the data you have in new ways.
Ohio Access...
Most family history data isn't online yet!  Local on-site searches continue to be one of the most effective research methods in genealogy.
We routinely conduct searches in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in courthouses, libraries, historical centers, vital records centers, and many other places.  Land deeds, probate files, birth certificates, death certificates, and newspaper articles are a few treasures we have found that opened up the key to family members.

Family Experience...
All families are special.  Did your family members marry several times?  Move around?  Disappear?  Avoid the census?  We will apply over 30 years of hands-on experience and the depth of hundreds of surnames to your research.
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Historical Context...
It can be difficult to sort out which census record belonged to YOUR Henry Smith.  Information posted online by other researchers may be undocumented or incorrect. 
Call us for help sorting it out.
Professional Access...
Professionals help to put documents in historical context and resolve conflicting information.  When questions arise, we use a team approach by reaching out to our network of seasoned colleagues for input and advice.
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All services include expert searches in, Fold3, GenealogyBank, NewspaperArchives, and more.
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